WCTE’s Becky Magura empowers female student-athletes at Dr. M. Dianne Murphy Leaders for Life event

WCTE’s Becky Magura empowers female student-athletes at Dr. M. Dianne Murphy Leaders for Life event

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COOKEVILLE, Tenn. – Lifelong learning, service to others and authenticity were three of the major themes shared by WCTE President and CEO Becky Magura, who spoke to Tennessee Tech's female student-athletes at Monday night's Dr. M. Dianne Murphy Leaders for Life program.

Magura has years of experience in television production as an on-air host, producer, and videographer, and became WCTE's fourth general manager in 2006. She has led the station team through the digital transition in transmission and production, as well as secured WCTE's downtown studio and offices.

She also recently served as the Past Chair of the National Educational Telecommunications Association's (NETA) Executive Board and is currently serving on the America's Public Television Stations Board of Trustees and the Cookeville/Putnam County Chamber of Commerce Board. She received the Cumberland Business Journal's Ovation Award for Community Service.

A two-time graduate of Tennessee Tech, Magura professed her love of reading during her presentation in the Bell Hall auditorium, and introduced phrases from several books that have had a meaningful impact on her professional journey.

The Cookeville native stated that her affinity for reading allows her to be a lifelong learner in that she is constantly gathering information on new subjects. She has integrated that same mindset into her interpersonal life, as she will oftentimes take notes on conversations with new acquaintances hoping to gain alternate perspectives.

Magura also stressed the importance of service, asserting, "what we do for others will make the difference in our lives." To relate that point to her audience, she spoke of how the Golden Eagle women make a difference in the lives of fans – especially children – each time they suit up for competition.

One of Magura's closing points was on self-authenticity. She urged the student-athletes to never forget where they come from, and to remain proud and true to their origins, regardless of where life takes them. As part of that point, she focused on breaking down feelings of inadequacy, explaining to those in attendance that they "are always enough" and that they "should feel incredible as themselves every day."

That last topic really stood out to Ashley McGowan, a catcher on the softball team.

"I really liked how she said 'stay true to yourself' and 'be your authentic self'," said the senior from Waxhaw, N.C. "That really stuck to me because I've had to move around and do a lot of different things in my short life, so staying in tune with my authentic self really resonated with me."

For Magura, the chance to speak to the young female student-athletes at her alma mater was a treasured one.

"It was an honor to be here for this women's leadership opportunity with student-athletes," Magura said. "I think Tennessee Tech is such an incredible school, and Dianne Murphy has been an incredible leader. So for her to start this, and to have the opportunity as a Cookevillian to follow in her footsteps and present to these student-athletes has been a tremendous joy."

"I was a student who received opportunities from women leaders on campus and off. So for me to be able to come back to my alma mater, Tennessee Tech, and hopefully leave these young women with some tidbits that they will remember down the road and will make a difference in their lives was an amazing experience.

Dr. M. Dianne Murphy Leaders for Life Program

Each semester, Tennessee Tech University Athletics hosts an event as part of the Dr. M. Dianne Murphy Leaders for Life program, inviting distinguished guests to speak to all TTU female student-athletes, along with faculty and community members, on the role of successful women in athletics. The establishment of this lecture series has been made possible by a generous gift to Tennessee Tech Athletics by one of our alumni, Dr. M. Dianne Murphy, Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and Physical Education at Columbia University in New York City.