Golden Eagle athletes participate in Writing Festival

Golden Eagle athletes participate in Writing Festival


COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- Over 20 Golden Eagles participated in the Tennessee Tech Festival of Writing Tuesday afternoon. The student-athletes gave their input on new traditions on Tech's campus.

In it's 11th year, the Tennessee Tech Writing Festival showcased the work of first year English students. Participants were asked to adapt their individual or collaborative writing skills and research to create projects other than traditional essays. With over 200 students, groups displayed posters, gave performances, and speeches on their ideas for new Tech traditions.

Student-athletes from the Tech football, soccer, softball and women's basketball programs presented in the festival. A few ideas highlighted athletic events, including adding talent shows to half-time, a "challenge the athlete" competition and a "Midnight Madness".

The event is designed for interaction as visitors were encouraged to interact with the participants by asking students to talk about their projects.

"This is a lively and rewarding activity that many of our student-athletes participate in, and over the years have enjoyed being a part of the event," said Dr. Lance Jasitt, TTU assistant athletics director for academics. "Not only is it a chance for them to develop a project that is out-of-the-ordinary, but it also provides an opportunity for them to interact with visitors to the Festival, to talk about their projects, and their experiences as both a student and a student-athlete."