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Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC)

2012-13 Officers, from left: Luke Woodason, Meghan O'Donoghue, Claudia Harke, Ellie Iaciofano and Kellie Cook.

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, commonly called SAAC, is a group made up of Tennessee Tech student-athletes assembled to provide insight on the student-athlete experience, and organize, plan, oversee and participate in community service activities. The committee offers input to the administration and the conference on rules, regulations and policies that affect student-athletes. SAAC encourages and facilitates the opportunities for all of Tech's student-athletes to participate in community service projects to promote a positive image of the athletic department. The committee participates in numerous projects including food, clothing and toy drives to support the community, the Wounded Warrior project, Habitat for Humanity and much more.

Click here to view a web page of some of the SAAC activities in 2012-13

Officer Nominations: Student-Athletes interested in joining SAAC as a team representative or an officer need to contact Mandy Thatcher at (931) 372-3949.

2012 SAAC Advisor: Mandy Thatcher

 SAAC Officers

OFFICE 2012-13 Officer 2011-12 Officer


Kellie Cook (WBB)

Brooke Basten (SB)
Vice President Claudia Harke (SB)
Corey Watson (FB)

Meghan O'Donoghue (CC/TR)

Allison May (VB)
President Elect
Ellie Iaciofano (SOC)
Kellie Cook (WBB)
OVC SAAC Representative
Kellie Cook (WBB)
Kellie Cook (WBB)
OVC SAAC Representative Luke Woodason (FB)
Traci Jones (CC/TR)


SAAC Team Reps

Sport 2012-13 Reps 2011-12 Reps


Tevis Sherfield, Justin Alexander, David Hess

Tevis Sherfield, Will Thomas, Justin Alexander, David Hess

Men's Basketball

Matthew Marseille, Eric Weisenbach, Ammanuel Diressa

Zachary Bailey, Lanneryl Johnson, Ryon Riggins

Women's Basketball

Kellie Cook, Kylie Cook, Candace Parson

Kellie Cook, Briana Jordan, Candace Parson

Cross Country (M) John Greene, Mike Mahan
John Greene, Charlie Jordan

Cross Country (W)

Kathryn Forbes, Peri Winborne

Kathryn Forbes, Traci Jones


Lucas Woodason, Justin Ivory, Patrick Prewitt

Corey Watson, Richmond Tooley, James Normand, Lucas Woodason, Ronny Durbin

Men's Golf

Mason Griffin, Mitchell Thomas

Tyler Cassetty, Samuel Schrock

Women's Golf

Amber Shepherd, Katherine Bell

Amber Shepherd, Katherine Bell


Kris Cambron, Ellie Iaciofano, Katie Philips

Kris Cambron, Ellie Iaciofano


Claudia Harke, Kendall Hooper, Taylor Ketchum, Cortney Fry

Brooke Basten, Kendall Hooper


Vasily Eremeev

Alex Chen

Indoor Track

Kendale Caldwell, Meghan O'Donoghue

Kendale Caldwell, Haley Wennerstrom

Outdoor Track

Haley Wennerstrom
Emily Weinzetl, Katherine Lowery


Kelsey Gray, Allison May, Courtney Smith

Kelsey Gray, Allison May

Lists updated September 25, 2012