Golden Eagle runner in research internship at Arnold Air Force Base

Golden Eagle runner in research internship at Arnold Air Force Base

Editor's Note: Distance runner Yeshi Dorhmann recently completed her four-year career as a member of the Tennessee Tech University cross country and track & field teams. She was one of the top runners on the squad last fall on the cross country course, and competed in the 3,000, 5,000, and 10,000-meter races during the 2014 track season. A 2010 graduate of Tullahoma High School, she earned all-Mid State honors while helping the Wildcats win a region track championship. The daughter of Clark and Rachel Dohrmann, she will receive her degree in engineering in December.

Story provided by Raquel March
Arnold Engineering Development Complex Public Affairs

ARNOLD AIR FORCE BASE, Tenn. -- A pilot program with the Condition Based Maintenance program (CBM) at Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC) is providing an opportunity for intern Yeshi Dohrmann, from Tennessee Technological University, to assist in identifying and mitigating potential failures for machine shop lathes.

The CBM program was designed to optimize the cost of maintenance for the lathes equipment as well as study possible failures that are not currently being addressed with the current Preventive Maintenance program.

"When this need was identified, we thought it would be a great opportunity for our CBM engineering intern," said Christopher Mears, a section manager in the Aerospace Testing Alliance (ATA) Asset Management Processes and Technologies Department. "We try to find tasks and projects that challenge our interns to really demonstrate their engineering abilities beyond the classroom. Although this task will be led by our intern, it will not be in a vacuum. The assigned mentor, Don Brandt, as well as the other CBM technology leads and the engineers and craftsmen responsible for the machines, will assist in both the evaluation and implementation of any CBM program for this equipment at AEDC."

Lathes in the AEDC Model/Machine Shop are used to perform cutting, sanding, drilling or turning operations on parts needed for aerospace test models or test facility structures.

Dohrmann, who is the lead for the program, explained that the project required some research.

"This [research] first required a visit to the machines to understand what the machines did, how they operated and the types of problems that were experienced," Dohrmann said. "I also researched common failures for this type of equipment. Based on this knowledge and with assistance from the other CBM leads, the engineer and lead craftsmen at the Model [and Machine] Shop, possible CBM tasks were identified."

In a collaborative effort between the Model/Machine Shop and the CBM team, the tasks are being reviewed for applicable use and if they will attribute to cost savings. Dohrmann said pre-operational maintenance checks were identified that could also be used for maintenance of the equipment.

Dohrmann expressed that she liked the intern experience at AEDC in the CBM program.

"I have enjoyed the experience so far because I now realize there are many pieces that must come together for this to be a successful effort," she said. "I can see the big picture and how the pieces fit together like a puzzle. It has also been interesting to see how safety can be applied at the task level with the many tasks that are currently being performed including the new CBM tasks we will likely suggest. Finally, the willingness of the [Model/Machine] Shop employees and CBM team to help me to better understand how the equipment works, the current maintenance program and the proper application of CBM technologies has made all of this a great experience."

Dohrmann is acquiring a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering and will graduate in December 2014.

Photo above: Yeshi Dohrmann, an intern with the Condition Based Maintenance program (CBM) at Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC), has been helping to identify potential failures for machine shop lathes. CBM is a pilot program at the model shop meant to optimize the cost of maintenance costs for of the lathes equipment. Pictured is Yeshi speaking with lathe operator Mickey Cowan. (Photo by Rick Goodfriend)