Women's basketball helps youth Unleash their Awesomeness

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- The Golden Eagle women's basketball team took time from their busy class schedules to travel just up the street to the Heavenly Host Lutheran School to cheer on the students, K through eight, as they ran laps in effort to raise money for the school.

The team ran a few laps with the students and then stood on the sidelines cheering on the runners, giving as many high-fives as possible. The cheer and dance squads shared their expertise with the team, as Tech's purple pride shined. When students needed a water break and found it hard to return to the race, the women's basketball players motivated them to get back in the game and unleash their awesomeness.

The highlight of the morning was none other than Awesome Eagle. The children swarmed around Tech's beloved mascot, all hoping Awesome would run next to them.