Get to Know Em…Rachel Glidden

Get to Know Em…Rachel Glidden

Tennessee Tech junior guard Rachel Glidden is in her third season as a member with the Golden Eagles. A native of Pulaski, Tenn., Rachel has played in 53 games, including five in which she has started in. During her sophomore campaign she tallied 219 points and connected on 48 3-point shots.

Tech head coach Sytia Messer had this to say about Rachel:
“I am so proud of what Rachel has become as both a player and a person. She is one of the hardest workers on the team both on the court and in the classroom. We are very excited for her to show her 3-point shooting abilities this season.”
Q & A with Rachel

How did you end up coming to Tennessee Tech?

RG “I’ve wanted to come to Tech since I was a little kid.”

Do you have any pre game rituals?

RG “Usually Krystal braids my hair.”

How early did you start playing basketball?

RG “I started playing basketball when I was six years old.”


What is your favorite basketball moment at Tech?

RG “Getting our winning tradition back with coach Messer”


If you were to turn your IPod on right now what song would be on there?

RG “California Girls by Katy Perry.”


Were you surprised the Giants won the World Series?

RG “I don’t watch baseball that much.”


What is your favorite class at Tennessee Tech?

RG “I’d have to say sports psychology.”


What did you go as last Halloween?

RG “I took my niece Makayla trick or treating so I did not go as anything.”


What do you like to do for fun?

RG “Play basketball.”


Who is the best prankster on the team and give an example?

RG “Tacarra is the best prankster on the team. Last April Fools Day she sent everyone a text saying we didn’t have practice that day. Luckily everyone found out that we really did have practice.”


Favorite movies?

RG “Love and Basketball, Step Brothers.”


What is your favorite amusement park ride you have been on?

RG “Splash Mountain at Disney World.”