How to get around Eblen Center during 2008-09 basketball season

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. - Construction is progressing at Tennessee Tech's Eblen Center, where a new Basketball Coaching Complex is expected to be completed in January.

In the meantime, the show must go on.

Golden Eagle fans will find a few changes in how to access the arena as the 2008-09 season gets underway, so officials have announced updated directions for finding the correct entrances, as well as the ticket office, concession stands, restrooms and the bookstore's souvenir shop.

"We want to ensure that a visit to Eblen Center for a Golden Eagle basketball game remains a great experience for fans of every age," said Mark Wilson, TTU Director of Athletics.

"There are some changes in how fans will enter the games during construction, and some minor changes inside the arena," he said. "We have done things to make it easily accessible, and we believe fans will still enjoy the family atmosphere and have a great time at Eblen Center.

"We have done the things we can to ensure safety, as well, but we want to urge fans to always use caution around the construction zone," he added.

First, there are no changes at all in the parking for basketball games. There is open parking for the public on McGee Boulevard, as well as in parts of the parking lots between the Eblen Center and Tucker Stadium. The Talon Lot, Semi-Circle and South Lot are all reserved lots.

The ticket office remains in the main (East) lobby of Eblen Center for purchasing tickets. However, the only access in the lobby is the ticket office, and there is no entrance to the arena through that lobby.

The entrances to Eblen Center will be on the South, West (Willow Avenue) and North (Fitness Center) sides of the building. The Will Call and pass gates are located on the Fitness Center entrance.

Once inside, fans will find a few changes in the location of features such as the concession stands and souvenir sales. Concessions are currently available at two concessions stands in the outer concourse, both on the Willow Avenue (west) half of the arena.

There is also one concession stand located inside the arena, at the top of section H above the stage.

The University Bookstore sells souvenirs, and its new locations is inside the arena above section D in the middle of the south side.

There are also currently four restrooms open during games, with two men's and two women's facilities. All of those are also located in the west half of the arena toward Willow Avenue.

In between games of doubleheaders, Athletic Donors can still enjoy the benefits of the Eagles' Nest, but not in its usual location. All Eagles' Nest activities will take place on the second level of the Fitness Center.

Game programs will be on sale from vendors located just inside all three entrances.

Persons parking in the lot between Eblen Center and Tucker Stadium can still approach the arena via the stairs next to the tunnel to the top of the semicircle, and then enter either to the left (south) or right (north) side of the arena.

For additional assistance, ushers and Athletic staff will be available outside the arena prior to the games, and ushers will be located throughout the inside of the arena. For more information, please call the Athletic Ticket Office in Eblen Center at (931) 372-3940.