Updates from the Dominican Republic on the men's basketball team

Updates from the Dominican Republic on the men's basketball team
"THe business center computer is down so I borrowed the computer from the bank exchange for a minute. We split games with the two pro teams winning in the morning behind a total team effort and losing a close game in the nightcap to Santiago's top team Metros. Zach Bailey led the way in the morning contest scoring seven straight points including the game winner in the last minute. Chase Dunn proved to be fearless against the Metros team as he challenged the larger and stronger professional players and gave the Golden Eagles a chance to win against the heavily favored home team. International rules are huge because you can not call a timeout when you have the ball and the opponents can call timeout and advance the ball to halfcourt which really changes strategy. I am so proud of how hard our team has fought with four games in 30 hours. Our depth is great and we need it as 16 guys have played in two games and 15 in another and at least 13 in the remaining game. Javon McKay got his first dunk as a Golden Eagle against the Metros team. Jud Dillard has had several big slams and leads the team in dunks so far.
The mayor of Santiago hosted the team at his office and the squad got a few minutes at a local mall before going to the arena. He showed up at the game with an entourage and we had a delay of 20 minutes between the first and second quarters.
Both of the first two days the team was hosted at the G.O. Ministries church facility for lunch, showering and rest between games. Will, Audrey,Tim and the entire staff have been so great to us and our team is having a wonderful experience. We have seen some interesting sites and the experience of driving with few information signs and stoplights is hectic to say the least.
Today we go to Puerta Plata for our fifth game in 44 hours. Whew! This team really runs and the Metros coach said we would have our hands full. I watched Metros and Puerta Plata play on TV on Friday night in a packed house at the arena. There are some great basketball fans here.
Guys got a little beach time this morning and i have a great kayaking story with video for later. New meaning to the term 'up the creek without a paddle' for Al, Kevin, Matt, Terrell and Bassey!
We miss everyone back home and will check in agin when we can. Special Gracias to Gisselle for letting me borrow her computer!"