Willemsen talks about "Handling Adversity" as a team for College Chalktalk

Willemsen talks about "Handling Adversity" as a team for College Chalktalk

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- Tennessee Tech assistant basketball coach Russ Willemsen recently contributed a piece to College Chalktalk, one of the nation's prime outlets for NCAA hoops coverage, on handling off-court adversity as a team.

Willemsen has become a regular contributer to College Chalktalk over the past few seasons and has since consistently built a credible reputation with the Chalktalk with his knowledge of NCAA basketball and experiences as a college coach. Through his contributions, he has become close with College Chalktalk's President and Founder, Chris DiSano, and is often looked to for frequent submissions pertaining to tips on coaching at a collegiate level, both on and off the court.

In his most recent article, which was published as a part of Chalktalk's National Coaches Diary Series, Willemsen talks of how the bonds of the Tennessee Tech basketball team have grown stronger as of recent, due to the team's support for one another during some off-court issues.

To read the full article, please visit NCDS: Russ Willemsen, Asst. Coach - Tennessee Tech ("Handling Adversity")

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