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Tech men's basketball helps to launch College Chalktalk's "Secondary Break"

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- The Golden Eagle men's basketball program was the first team to debut footage for College Chalktalk's newest video blog, "Secondary Break."

Secondary Break will provide fans of College Chalktalk with insight into different programs across the country on a personal level, with video footage of players and coaches. The blog will run alongside other Chalktalk series' including the National Coaches' Diary Series, Atlantic 10 coverage, Conference Notebooks and other general college basketball commentary available on the main site, www.collegechalktalk.com.

From current play-by-play and color analysts, to beatwriters, coaches, journalists, and former players, Secondary Break will provide readers with regular content from an excellent lineup of contributors.

Visit Secondary Break at the following link: College Chalktalk's Secondary Break

For more information about Secondary Break, please direct all inquiries to info@collegechalktalk.com.