Save 28 percent? How about saving 60 percent? Think season tickets

Save 28 percent? How about saving 60 percent? Think season tickets

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By Rob Schabert, Assistant Athletics Director for Sports Information

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- On the eve of the Ohio Valley Conference opener for the Tennessee Tech football team, fans STILL have the opportunity for big savings -- huge savings, actually -- with the purchase of a TTU season ticket. Tech has played one home game, but there are still five games remaining in Tucker Stadium, beginning Saturday night against in-state rival Tennessee State at 7:04 p.m.

Individual game tickets are $10 each, so a fan looking to attend all five remaining games and support coach Watson Brown's team in its quest for an OVC title, would pay $50 between now and November 23.

A season ticket is only $36, which represents a $14 savings -- a 28 percent cut in the total price that fan would pay.

Even better, a Back The Golden Eagles Plan offers a savings of 400 percent! The plan includes 10 tickets to each of the five games, a total of 50 tickets to use for family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, church groups, or whomever you choose. The cost of that plan is $200, which boils down to $4 per ticket. That's a savings of...wait for it.....SIXTY PERCENT.

Even the Black Friday deals won't be that good.

Call or visit the Athletics Ticket office immediately and reserve your seats for the remainder of the season. Call (931) 372-3940. You can also purchase your tickets online at the link above, or purchase at the stadium ticket booth Saturday night.

By the way, even if you wait until next week, with four games remaining, it will STILL be a savings -- just not quite as much.

What are you waiting for?

Oh, yeah, don't forget to wear PURPLE Saturday night.