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Second season of unlimited magazine begins with photos and features

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- The September/October edition of unlimited, the online magazine of Tennessee Tech Athletics, gives viewers an inside look at first-year volleyball coach Dave Zelenock, plus several features and some outstanding photography. It's online and it's free.

We hope you will find unlimited enjoyment from browsing this issue.

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This is not your typical magazine with a calendar of events and lots of statistics. We hope you can find plenty to amuse and entertain you, including comments from members of the student body about why they're excited about Tech Athletics, a look at a couple of days in Tech history, and the story behind Tech's opponent mascots.

We introduce you to 15 new Golden Eagles, the playlist of golfer Mason Griffin, chatter with punter Chad Zinchini, a remembrance of three who we lost in 2013, and dozens of great photos.

After browsing through this issue, go back and look through previous issues in case you missed them.

And, please let us hear from you with your comments on the magazine and suggestions for future features. Send you photos and comments to: sportsinfo@tntech.edu.

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