Four student-athletes contributors to book of writings

Four student-athletes contributors to book of writings

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- Four Tennessee Tech basketball student-athletes -- Terrell Barnes from the men's team and women's team members Kellie Cook, Molly Heady and Kylie Cook -- have had their works chosen for a recently published book of student writings, and Thursday they had the opportunity to read their work to a gathering for a book launch and signing by the authors.

The book is titled "Breathing Antecedent" and it is the culmination of the Living Writers Project, co-edited by Andrew William Smith and Sarah Naomi Townsend. During the class, the students read works and were visited by several living writers, including Mary Klass, Jon Krakauer, Anne Lamott, David Lazar, Saul Williams and Anne Waldman.

The book includes sections of student poetry, student commentary, and creative non-fiction entries.

All three of the women's basketball team members had theopportunity to read their poetry. Kelie Cook's work was titled "Why Believe," Kylie Cook read her poem titled "Why Do You Smile All The Time," and Molly Heady's reading was of her poem titled "What Is Love?"

Barnes' creative non-fiction piece was titled "Men in Black" but was too long for the public reading.

"I believe because of my blessings..."
 from "Why Believe" by Kellie Cook

"I smile because God has perfect

from "Why Do You Smile All The Time?"
by Kylie Cook

"Love is The Beatles...
Love is a Roller Coaster..."

from "What is Love" by Molly Heady


Featuring Anne Waldman
Edited by Andrew William Smith & Sarah Naomi Townsend

Book cover art by Sean Thomas Britt