Latest edition of unlimited magazine focuses on fun

Latest edition of unlimited magazine focuses on fun

COOKEVILLE, Tenn. -- The March/April edition of unlimited, the online magazine of Tennessee Tech Athletics, gives readers a glimpse at some of the activities of Golden Eagle student-athletes and coaches as we venture into the months that include St. Patrick's Day and April Fool's Day. The theme is: Fun Is Good.

We hope you will find unlimited enjoyment from browsing this issue.

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This is not your typical magazine with a calendar of events and lots of statistics. We hope you can find plenty to amuse and entertain you, including comments from student-athletes about their favorite Disney character, their pets, their choices of which movie character would be the best date.

You can select the best celebrity look-alikes, read about the 15 Golden Eagles with the most Irish-sounding names, and find out a little insight into Tech's pair of twins, Kellie and Kylie Cook, and Brittney and Chanelle Spalding.

After browsing through this issue, go back and look through the first three in case you missed them.

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