Scott Schweitzer
Scott Schweitzer
Title: Graduate Assistant - Athletic Performance
Phone: 931-372-6234

Scott Schweitzer, a 2012 graduate, returned to his old stoppinggrounds as an APC graduate assistant. He will primarily focus onassisting Pugh with the men's basketball and football teams.

Schweitzer was an All-American for the Golden Eagles, and rankedas one of the team’s most outstanding offensive linemen. Hisattitude on and off the field left a large impact not only on histeammates, but his coaches as well. The transition into the ranksof mentor should be seamless. Using his own personal experience ofimproving footwork and increasing his strength throughout his fouryears as  a Golden Eagle is a testament to hard work payingoff, not only with a championship ring, but an All-America honor aswell. Schweitzer majored in exersise science and physical wellnessand is originally from Birmingham, Alabama.