Mission Statement

The mission of Tennessee Technological University (TTU) Intercollegiate Athletics, based upon and consistent with the University, is to encourage student scholarship and sportsmanship with emphasis placed on helping student-athletes make appropriate progress toward completion of their chosen academic degree program and become productive members of society.

The TTU Intercollegiate Athletics Program serves as a rallying point for the University as well as a public relations outlet for University activities by striving to bring positive recognition to TTU through a program built on concepts including excellence, integrity, and enthusiasm.

Academic integrity is a key element in athletic decisions, thus ensuring that the educational values, practices, and mission of the University set the standard for the program. TTU's athletic program strives for student-athlete excellence in competition and in the academic setting. TTU seeks to field disciplined and competitive athletic teams dedicated to observing sportsmanship and applicable rules, to providing quality athletic training and medical support to intercollegiate athletics, and to supporting the general welfare of student-athletes.

The TTU Intercollegiate Athletics Program focuses on the overall development of all persons participating in athletics. Ethical conduct and good sportsmanship is promoted among faculty and students, alumni and friends, athletics department staff, and student-athletes. The program adheres to the policies, rules, and guidelines of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the Ohio Valley Conference (OVC), and the institution.

Intercollegiate Athletics is as supportive of women as of men and as supportive of those in the minority as those in the majority. The program is committed to complying with Title IX regulations. Intercollegiate Athletics provides opportunities to eligible persons without regard to age, gender, color, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, or disability.